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Best Humanscale Monitor Arms in Singapore 2023

Having an ergonomic work environment is important nowadays. Whether you’re working from home or the office, an ergonomic workspace can decrease physical discomfort and improve work productivity.  

There are many elements to an ergonomic workstation and that includes monitor arms. Monitor arms are  ideal for any desk setup and they have many beneficial features such as adjustability and space saving to name a few. 

But with a ton of different brands out there, which one should you choose? Introducing Humanscale, a manufacturing company that specializes in ergonomic office products. They deal with a range of items such as chairs, keyboards and of course, monitor arms. 

If you’ve considered getting one for yourself, then you’ve come to the right place. This article will talk about the best Humanscale monitor arms for your workstation. First off, let’s take a look at some of the benefits monitors arms can provide.


Benefits of Monitor Arms 



A monitor arm allows you to adjust the height, distance and angle of your monitor. This enables you to determine the correct viewing distance without unnecessary movement, reducing strain on the neck, back and eyes. 

Monitor arms are also great for shared desks. You can easily move your monitor to where your colleague is and share information. All in all, a monitor arm’s adjustable features are highly beneficial to your physical wellbeing which brings us to the next point. 


Less Physical Tension 

Standard monitor setups can often lead to poor posture habits such as slouching or leaning forward. This can take a toll on your back and eyes especially during long periods of work. 

A monitor arm however will allow you to adjust your screen according to your posture and sitting position. This can decrease tension on your back and reduce eye strain. Keep in mind that your monitor should always be an arms length away from your eyes. 


Space Saving 

A lack of workspace is a common problem for office stations. The standard setup for a desktop can take up alot of desk space and negatively affect your work efficiency. A monitor arm however can maximize your workplace by giving you more space. 

Having a clutter free workspace can improve your concentration and improve work performance which brings us to the next point. 


Work Performance

Overall, a monitor arm can undoubtedly increase your work performance. All the previous benefits add up to produce an immersive working environment. Its adjustable features are great for reducing unnecessary movement, prompting you to focus on work. 

It also reduces physical tension so you can remain in peak condition throughout the day. Lastly, its space saving features will allow you to maximize your workspace and improve concentration. 


Humanscale’s Best Monitor Arms 

Humanscale is well renowned for their work in producing ergonomic office furniture. The following monitor arms are some of their best and although they have a wide selection, we’ll be featuring 3 of their most popular. 

The criteria of this list will be based on appeal, specification and most importantly, overall functionality. Here are some of Humanscale’s best monitor arms for your workstation in 2023.

Humanscale M2.1 Monitor Arm

humanscale monitor arm

Price: SGD470.00 


Weight Capacity: 2-7kg 


Height Adjustment: up to 305mm 


Warranty: 15 years 

The Humanscale M2.1 is the cheapest monitor arm on the list. Although it does lack in functionality compared to the rest, it still has a range of features. First and foremost, the M2.1 looks aesthetically pleasing and it will look great in any workspace.

From a functional standpoint, the M2.1 has a built-in ‘counterbalance indicator’ which provides the ability to counterbalance a monitor’s weight. It also has a ‘smart stop’ feature which allows you to customize the range of the arm and prevent overextension.

To hide, protect and manage your cables, the M2.1 has a ‘flexible rubber channel’ which keeps your setup clean and sleek. All things considered, the M2.1 is a decent monitor arm which you can get at a reasonable price.

Humanscale M8.1 Monitor Arm


Price: SGD715.00


Weight Capacity: 2.7-12.7kg


Height Adjustment: up to 305mm 


Warranty: 15 years

Similar to the M2.1, the Humanscale M8.1 has an elegant design which will look good in any working environment. It is categorized as a heavy duty arm due to its weight capacity and it features many of the same functionality as the M2.1. 

The M8.1 uses a combination of friction axles and an internal counterbalance to support heavier monitors. You could also scale a little higher and opt for the crossbar option which can hold two monitors at a time. 

In terms of functionality, the M8.1 expands on the same features as the M2.1 to provide an overall better experience. The M8.1 is highly recommended for those with a heavier monitor and a higher budget.

Humanscale MFlex For M2.1 Dual With Pole


Price: SGD930.00


Weight Capacity: up to 40kg 


Height Adjustment: up to 255mm


Arm Reach: up to 710mm 


Warranty: 15 years 

The last arm on the list is the most comprehensive of the 3. The Humanscale MFlex is designed for maximum scalability. It uses an open architecture system where you can add monitors without replacing the existing devices. 

With a based functionality of a regular M2.1, the MFlex’s main selling point is its monitor capacity where you can configure up to 6 monitors! This is especially useful for individuals or groups who need to multitask. 

As the most expensive option on the list, the Humanscale MFlex is recommended for those who need to multitask or offices that have a multitude of monitors.

Final Thoughts 

Monitor arms are essential to any ergonomic workstation. They have a range of benefits which can help decrease physical tension and improve work performance. Although there are different types of monitor arm brands, you can rest assured that Humanscale is one of the best. 

We reckon you’ll find one of the three arms suitable to your liking and regardless of your choice, they will be a great addition to your workstation. Contact us here if you’d like to know more about monitor arms or other ergonomic products.