Dynamic Smart Electric Height Adjustable Table

Reliable • Flexible • Consistent

Dynamic Smart Electric Height Adjustable Table

  • SGD900.00  
  • SGD618.00

BIFMA & GREENGUARD GOLD Certificate Compliance.


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Experience the new level of work comfort with our all-in-one work desk featuring the soothing curve edge, height adjustable function and push notification that remind the user to transit between sit and stand. 

Enjoy your workday with our Curve Series that is soothing to the eye and allows you to work in great comfort. Our Arc Curve Top feature a soft curve edge that gently goes around your wrists rather than forming a hard line against them.

Enhance with sit-stand adjustable feature that enable the user to change between sitting and standing. The frequent transition between sit and stand will help you to increase your productivity, improve your overall wellbeing, protect your spine and reduce the risk of aching for long hours of work from home or office.


Availability :

- 4 to 6 weeks upon confirmation of order

- FREE delivery and installation

- 5 years Warranty



- Ergonomic Curve/Rectangular Shape Table Top using Formica Protec + Antimicrobial High Perfomance Premium Laminate product with an additional layer of hygienic protection to any environment through the utilization of antimicrobial properties of silver (Ag+). Effective against a broad Spectrum of microbes, prevents the growth of bacteria and fungi, providing a more hygienic surface and protecting against their potentially negative effects by stopping the cell division, damaging the bacteria/microbes structures. 

- 3 Column Height Adjustable Leg

- 3 preset memories with LED Screen and Up/Down Function

- 3 types of Notification: Push Notification, Breath, Auto

- 4 types reminder setting: Mild (60 mins), Balanced (45 mins), Intense (30 mins), Customized (manually set the reminder timing)

- Mobile Phone Applications (Office well)

- Android and Iphone compatible 

- Health Reminder

- Personal Health Data Analysis to track your sit / stand record by day and by month. Offering health score by sit-to-stand completion rate for usage optimization. 

- Extendable Frame to fit different sizes table top from W1200 to W1800, this provide flexibility for future changes of size

- Dimension: W1200 x D600 / W1500 x D750 

- Height Adjustable Range: 600 to 1250mm

- Safety Feature: Handset can be locked, which is a safety mechanism to accidentally press the button or child playing with it


* For customization dimension, please contact us @ 6546 9874*